Start of the journey


I am 20 years of age and have always had a burning desire to run a business for as long as I can remember. Having participated in Young Enterprise at school it did nothing but throw fuel onto the flames. The upside of this though was that it was in this process where I found someone who was as enthusiastic and ambitious as I was for owning a company. So, in my gap year, my partner (Josh) and I had the idea of producing a traditional, still lemonade and went about attending some workshops run by Blue Orchid. But, alas “creative differences ” (an argument) between us, then me going travelling led the project to be dropped completely and left by the wayside.

Which leads me to the current day, at university being shackled by the chains of academia – perhaps I am being a tad overdramatic here! All is not bad though as we have derived another idea, to provide students with a discount card which they pay a monthly subscription. So what next on our journey? This is where it feels slightly daunting because we have never done this before and do not know anything about the business world, let alone the field we plan to go into. Logically we needed to find someone who will help us to figure out how to take this to market. This in mind I looked online and found a start-up program at the University of Leeds within which you could book a slot with a business advisor, so that’s what I did.

The meeting went well, with him saying he could see mileage in it but we had to cover the main barrier first before he could really help us. That barrier was the dreaded MARKET RESEARCH!!!!! Which is where we currently stand at the moment and we hope to set up some focus groups soon to work out a refined idea from students perspectives. This I hope will be the start of a fortuitous journey into the field of self-employment.



Please leave a reply any ideas for future blogs, ideas for improvement or just general praise is warmly received.

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