Having listened to a TED talk, Tim Ferris podcast and read the Entrepreneur Revolution recently all touching on the subject of volume I thought it was only right to talk about it in a post. They all share the common ground by saying that successful people generate a lot of volume. In Adam Grant’s talk for TED, he discusses that original thinkers do have a lot of bad ideas but they also produce a few really sensational ideas too. This is down to the sheer amount of thoughts they throw out into the world. In fact, he shows you a picture of the creepiest looking doll you will ever see and it actually turns out that it was invented by Thomas Edison. Adam states “The greatest originals are the ones that fail the most” and this is because they try more times than anyone else. I think this is a powerful message to people wanting to start their own business. That it’s ok to fail, in fact, it is good to fail, that is how we learn and improve ourselves. This is why these “Originals” get so far, they are prolific but do not fear failure.

Entrepreneur Revolution by Dan Priestly,which I shall be reviewing shortly, gave a maxim that “Influence comes from output…not confidence”. It gave examples such as Oprah Winfrey who recorded 4561 episodes of her talk show, has 5 books, numerous magazine articles and radio appearances. Steven Spielberg has directed over 50 films and produced close to 200 movies. I am sure that not all episodes of Oprah’s show are entertaining and I am sure that not all 50 films directed by Mr. Spielberg are Oscar worthy but the sheer volume suggests that producing a large output helps you in becoming successful.

Seth Godin was featured on the Tim Ferriss podcast recently and raised this point further by saying “The number of projects I have done, big or small, exceeds most people. But, the amount of failures I have had dramatically exceeds most people, and I am super proud of that”. Seth Godin being a hugely successful businessman himself again illustrates the idea that volume creates failure but these only make you stronger and more knowledgeable thereby making it more likely you will succeed than someone who dares not disrupt the status quo.

So, volume seems to be the key to success and don’t get disheartened by failure, dust yourself down, analyse what you learnt from the experience, get out there and do it again! As this is what many a great man has done before you.


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