Types of entrepreneur


I had a conversation with my business partner the other day when I was feeling particularly racked with self-doubt about my own credentials to be a business man when he said, “who exactly is cut out for it?”.

I found this a very intriguing point and he went on to say, “It’s for one person to identify the opportunity then rise to that, no one is cut out for it to start with its taking steps.”

I think this is an excellent point and I really don’t think that there is any particular type that is going to more successful in business. What I like about this opinion is that because we see successful people like Richard Branson and Steve Jobs we think they have never felt stressed or doubted their own abilities. But, they almost certainly were when starting out, they didn’t know if they were going to make it. They probably had loads of stresses and self-doubt and that is only natural. They didn’t know everything about the market for their business or much of the business world, but they took steps and learnt from failures and people around them. This is a process that anybody of any type can do, it is not exclusive to the extremely extroverted or wealthy.

I think it is an interesting quote to ponder on and that whoever you are you can be successful.


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