A Technique for Producing an Idea Review

I massively recommend this book to everyone, as it helps in not only business but everyday life. If you are struggling to think of an idea for a business then this book will be a godsend. It is only 60ish pages long and about an hour’s read. The lessons it teaches are invaluable making it an essential read.

It starts off by explaining that new concepts are just old ideas recombined to form new innovative processes and products. It goes on to say that an important aspect of recombining old elements was the ability to see relationships and gives the example of discovering behavioural psychology can be used by marketers to produce better advertisements with greater effectiveness.

After this it labels the 5 steps to generating ideas:

  1. Gather raw material Рspecific and general.
  2. Digesting these materials and feel for a relationship – partial ideas will come and you will become tired of trying to fit together the puzzle.
  3. Drop the idea from your brain – put no effort into it at any time, allows you to mull it over in your sleep and unconscious mind, turn to things that stimulate emotion such as music and the theatre,
  4. The idea appears out of nowhere.
  5. Take the idea out into reality.

I think this is an excellent way to view the creative process and provides a guideline for anyone who knows they want to become self-employed but hasn’t got the idea on how they will become so as of yet.

For the size, it is just a fantastic little book of useful information that will come in handy all throughout the lifetime of an entrepreneur.

5/5 Rating


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