Admiration of Life

I feel that too often I am too busy lost within myself and the tasks of everyday activities that I fail to step back and really appreciate life. The mind is too easily distracted by everything that we deal with that we lose our sense of appreciation of what it all means to us. We are caught up in rushing around and never taking the time to sit back for a few seconds to take in a situation, to feel the there and now rather than worry or plan for the future.

On realisation of this, I have tried to slow what I am doing and just take the time to ingest my current situation. It feels amazing! To acknowledge how much people have impacted you, your own self-worth, what possessions and lifestyle you have, how lucky I am in the world. It has given me a great sensation of pride at the little achievements I have made and understanding of what someone means to me and what I mean to them. It is something I am trying to do more of as for me it gives a greater mindfulness and inner peace. Just a couple of minutes of appreciating my current circumstances  makes me feel so much more positive about myself. I feel more upbeat and I feel a better person inside and out.


Please leave a reply any ideas for future blogs, ideas for improvement or just general praise is warmly received.

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