Uber Pitch

Since I last posted about our adventures into starting our own business, my partner and I received an email from Uber saying that if you think you have a great business idea then on the 3rd June in Birmingham we will give you 20 minutes to pitch it to an investor on a ride in one of our taxis. As we are nowhere near ready for investment or even starting, we thought we would give it a shot just for the experience and feedback provided by someone who has a great deal more knowledge of the business world. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain . So we went about applying,  but after a few days went by without any contact from Uber and the date creeping up on us, we thought that we had not made the cut. However, on 2nd June the day before the event was about to take place, I got an email saying that we had been selected and told how to activate UberPitch. Great news, but now the pitch had to be written therefore we picked the logical time of starting at 1am in the morning of the 3rd. A couple of hours of writing, analysing and rewriting led us to come up with a 300-word pitch which was a very basic outline of our idea. Happy with our efforts we headed to bed.

The time had come around where Josh was ready to pitch our business concept, thus, he got into the centre of Birmingham and ordered a taxi which could potentially unlock our future. There was a great sense of excitement as Josh headed off pitching our concept to someone who invests in businesses for a living.

The feedback from Josh was extremely positive and he was able to answer some tricky questions raised we had not addressed beforehand.  He was able to collect some excellent feedback and ideas from the investor to really develop our idea. This was particularly pleasing as it is why we applied to the process in the first place. The woman also commented that she was surprised at how well it went considering it was the first pitch we had done on our business idea. With this, we were able to practise skills including pitching, writing and analysing speeches, thinking about scalability, how to adjust to unaccounted for questions. This will stand us in good stead for the future and provides a great experience to dwell upon when needed. All this in mind we were greatly pleased with the outcome from Uber pitch. With this done we aim to collect research on what the market really wants from a service such as ours. This is the next point of call for us on our journey to self-employment.



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