My Absence

For about two months now I have been avoiding doing any blog posting on here. I feared that the blog was aimed at too larger market and it would ultimately fail at gaining any sort of readership or the content was too poor to offer anything to anyone . However, I have now reached the conclusion that this was not the reason that I started this blog, I started it to try to provide free information to others in my position, to collate my ideas on entrepreneurship and to possibly connect with other people with similar mindsets and paths. The only way to achieve those goals is to become a consistent writer on here knowing that if only one person ever reads my blog and finds it useful or I get to connect with one individual or even if I learn something in the process then it will not be a failure. If anything it can be a way that I can indulge two passions at the same time; writing and business. So from here I am going to explore things that I am interested in and may help me on my journey. Blogging is a marathon and not a sprint or so I have been told. Giving up after just a month is more of a failure than a negligible readership and/or shitty content. Given time hopefully both things can be improved dramatically but the worth of this blog to me is more than just those two things.

So I am back and hopefully here to stay.

Stay tuned!!!


Please leave a reply any ideas for future blogs, ideas for improvement or just general praise is warmly received.

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