Hi, my name is Albert Wall and I am currently 20 years old and live in a little village in the lowly county of Worcestershire in the UK. I currently study Chemistry at the University of Leeds but my underlying passion is business. This passion was founded from a young age and has only grown since I undertook the Young Enterprise scheme at my high school. It is a field I wish to explore further by stretching my entrepreneurial wings and starting my first business.

I have set up this blog not only to document the highs and lows of my journey but for numerous reasons including; to try and help other people realise their dreams of setting up a business; to meet, hear from and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and wannabe startups; and to further my knowledge of the business world by getting ideas and  interviews with inspiring people written on this blog.

With one idea in the research phase, I have been eagerly reading books on all matters concerning business as well as having previously attended a couple of seminars run by Blue Orchid. These have all been great starting points and I plan to share with you what I have learnt from these on this website and other posts consisting of:

  • Reviewing business books.
  • Podcast and Ted talks reviews.
  • Inspirational business stories.
  • Case studies on small and medium size businesses.
  • Readers start up stories.
  • Interviews of business owners.
  • Where to find resources for starting a business.
  • My adventure into business.

I really hope you enjoy the subjects I discuss and please leave comments to try to get in touch with me and other entrepreneurs so that ideas can be generated and acted upon.

Enjoy the content!